At Tabor’s House of Flavors our customers always come first, so it makes sense that you, our customers, are the first to come to mind when writing our “about us” paragraph. We wouldn’t be who we are if not for you! So thank you Pentwater and all those who call Pentwater home, or home-away-from-home, for welcoming us into your summer family!

It sounded crazy to many of our friends and family when we decided to purchase this little shop on the corner several years ago, but we always felt it made perfect sense! House of Flavors was the very first place (other than church) that we visited as newlyweds in our new hometown! And we visited the little ice-cream parlor on the corner many times over the years, especially since both of our daughters worked at House of Flavors as teenagers for the previous owners.

Looking back we can see clearly that God was preparing us for a new adventure, we just didn’t know at the time it would be a family diner/ice-cream parlor! But as always, His will is perfect. Our entire family already loved the business and the customers!

Our oldest daughter, Kelly, is always willing to help out when she’s in town and her husband, Jake, has proven to be quite handy around the shop! You’ve probably seen them bussing tables, scooping cones, or enjoying a laugh with one of our regulars! Our youngest daughter, Kaitlyn, has been with us since the beginning; having worked as a waitress here since she was 16. She’s always loved this business and the people who frequent it. Now she manages our lovely employees, and her husband, Jason, is always happy to help out, especially with the waffle cones!

As you can now see, we are very blessed and thankful to be a part of Pentwater’s summers and your family’s traditions!

We hope to see you at the corner of Second Street and Hancock, across from the Village Green!

 ~ John and Roxanne Tabor